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Neon Night (Unmastered)
Neon Night (Mastered)
Switch it up  (Unmastered)
Switch it up  (Mastered)
World Today (Unmastered)
World Today (Mastered)

7th Street (Unmastered)
7th Street (Mastered)
It's Ok  (Unmastered)
It's Ok (Mastered)

This Clouded View  (Unmastered)
This Clouded View  (Mastered)
Mercy of the Court  (Unmastered)
Mercy of the Court  (Mastered
Here are some sample songs we've had the pleasure to master. We tried to offer a variety of genres so you can get a feel for our sounds. However, we do believe the best sample a customer can hear is one of their own music. We offer free mastering samples so you can hear exactly  what to expect before you commit to us working on your project. 

We stand behind our service and encourage you to compare our samples to other mastering studio's. It's very important that you hire the right engineer for your mastering needs even if it is not Sound Lab Mastering. Take a listen and then contact us for a free sample song.  
Contact us for a FREE master sample of your music!!
Neo Soul 
Hip Hop 
Hip Hop