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Our mastering rates per are extremely competitive. The cost for single song mastering is $25. 

Mastering Rates

Single song - $25

12 song album - $299

14+ songs - Call for pricing
What You Get

1. Up to 2 different versions of your song mastered. Each additional version after the first 2 is $10 additional.

2. Expert advice and feedback on your music.

3. Risk-Free sample of your music. If you are not 100% satisfied with the service, you do not pay. We want to make sure you are happy with the service before you commit.

How to Submit Your Music For Mastering

You can submit your songs via a file transfer upload site such as,, etc. Email the songs to and we will receive the songs digitally instantly.

Our pricing model

Many clients are accustomed to paying outlandish prices for mastering services. At Sound Lab Mastering, we have always strive to deliver superb quality and service at a truly affordable price. Our clients are always amazed at the results we deliver. Please make no mistake about it, you are not getting "budget" mastering. You are getting a professional service at a truly affordable price. We support this claim by offering a free sample before you commit to the service. We encourage you to take advantage of this risk free sample to experience it yourself. We also encourage you to compare our service to our competitors or previous masters and see for yourself.

Full Album Mastering Starting at $299!!!!!