What Is Mastering?
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Mastering is a critical step in the music creation process. It’s an overused term that is often misunderstood. In the last decade, mastering software has taken tremendous strides with the products that are available. However, understanding the fundamentals  and how to utilize specialized tools is what separates professionals from hobbyists.

Over the course of recording an album, songs can be recorded and mixed in different environments. This creates sonic inconsistencies from song to song resulting in a lack of overall cohesiveness. While mixing is an art in itself, it generally lacks the punch, clarity and depth upon completion. This is perfectly normal as “mixing" and "mastering” are two completely different but equally important processes.

Hiring Sound Lab Mastering to master your music is a rewarding experience. We painstakingly master each song individually to ensure that it has the punch, clarity and depth, comparable to commercial releases.  

What we what do:

  •   Analyze each song for over looked nuances and deficiencies
  •   Increase the overall volume of your music to compete with commercial releases
  •   Match the levels of each song for consistency​
  •   Add EQ/Compression as needed to make the song pop
  •   Remove any unwanted noises pre/post and in between song
  •   Add ISRC Codes (If Neccessary)
  •   Create a long lasting relationship that you can count on for years to come

Why choose Sound Lab Mastering?

We do one thing and do it at a high level. We truly understand and respect the craft of of mastering. 

In an era of perpetual change, we have defiantly stayed true to our specialty. We have not sacrifice or compromised the integrity of our services throughout the years.

Sound Lab Mastering has consistently delivered superior mastering at a price any artist can afford. We are a true blue collar American company that operates differently in an unique industry. 

We believe in:

  •   Valuing our clients
  •   Delivering exceptional service
  •   Ensuring 100% satisfaction
  •   Building relationships with our clients
  •   Appreciating the business of each clients
  •   Respecting our clients on every level
  •   Exemplifying integrity and professionalism on every project
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